You will love Photomizer 3!


Radiant photos, sharp contours and natural colors: The optimization software makes all this in a single operation. No more bloom. Look forward to undiscovered details in your photos!

Buy now the optimization package of Photomizer 3 for only 14.99 EUR instead of 29.99 EUR!


Today, almost everyone takes pictures with compact cameras and smartphones.
But especially these devices resent you bad lightening conditions. The result often is disturbing image noise. The repair package removes this noise and ensures that the actual motives emerge. You can save even the most difficult original photos with this automated picture editing.

Buy now the repair package of Photomizer 3 for only 14.99 EUR instead of 29.99 EUR!


Everybody can scale down photos. But how about enlarging them? This magnifying module can do it! On the basis of procedures such as Spline or Lanszos, Photomizer 3 Plugin increases the original picture according to the template to magnifications of up to 32 times normal size- without any pixelated effects. Also perfect for snippet magnifications as well as photos, which were taken years ago with less powerful cameras.

Buy now the resize package of Photomizer 3 for only 14.99 EUR instead of 29.99 EUR!


Not just wedding photographers have rediscovered the nostalgic charm of barite paper. Retro is hip! Thanks to this nostalgic package, Photomizer 3 sends each image in an instant on a time travel into the past. Different retro effects create pure nostalgia. And the package also supplies the appropriate frame.

Buy now the retro package of Photomizer 3 for only 4.99 EUR instead of 19.99 EUR!


Tilt shift art is one of the premier classes of photography. From a bird’s eye view, motifs from the real world appear like a cosmos of toys.

Blurs and the pictures composition play a vital role - and outrageously expensive lenses. But in this case, Photomizer 3 Plugin offers an ideal solution as well. The Tilt shift module is an unbeatable bag of tricks and creates stunning effects. Without any expensive equipment and expertise – normal cell phone photos from the top view and this module are all you need.

Buy now the Tilt-Shift package of Photomizer 3 for only 4.99 EUR instead of 19.99 EUR!

Photomizer 3 Premiun

Photomizer 3 Premiun
If you don't want to compromise and use Photomizer's full functionality, you are now able to purchase

Photomizer 3 Premium for just 29.99€ instead of 59,99€!

Photomizer Premium includes all packages!

Photomizer 3 is incredibly fast and helps me to embellish my many photos easily!
J. Weber

All other new features at a glance (valid for all packages):

Our photo optimization has been strongly improved; among other things, the so-called halo-effects around objects have been removed. It's faster than ever before: Our optimization is now up to 12 times faster. Of course, we take the support of Windows 10 for granted. Photomizer 3 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10!

Furthermore, the operation of the software is much easier now and supports quite a lot additional input formats: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, bmp, png, jxr, hdp, wdp, ico, raw, orf, 3fr, raf, nrw, dng, arw, nef, x3f, srw, pef, rw2, mrw, mdc, mef, dcr, erf, crw, mos, cr2 and sr2